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Link and Loop Inspires You To Create.

Thinking of having a personal page that connects all your contact, asset and element on one single spot and you can share with a link? Think Link and Loop. With Link and Loop Sharing your full contact details is easy with the click of a button. More so, you can keep your information in sync between Link and Loop and any other social media or website. You will be able to update or add more information easily and with the click of a button. This is what makes Link and Loop Sharing so powerful. Link and Loop Sharing is not just a personal page, it is a tool to build a better web.

As a Link and Loop user, you have access to more personal tools like: Bio Link creator, URL Shortner, QR Code creator, endless blocks of tools and Analytics and insights on how your link is performing. With Link and Loop, it is easy to share content with a friend or business contact. It is easy to share a video, image, blog post or even a text message. And Link and Loop can do all of this with no need for any social media accounts.

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